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About Us

Singapore 1st Luxurious Mask & Jewellery Online Store

Based in Singapore, DESIREBEL story began from passion in crystal gemstones and it's healing properties. Due to COVID-19, wearing a mask have been a norm and the birth of this brand came from creating high-quality and luxurious crystal gemstones mask chains to compliments elegant outfits. 

By understanding there are many choices and quality of mask chain in the market, we strives to provide the top-quality product that not only is functional, also as fashion accessories and looking stylish. 

Other than mask chains, we are into jewellery such as bracelets, rings, necklace and more. DESIREBEL ever-growing collection aspires to bring you the perfect accessories for every occasion.


Our Motto

In DESIREBEL, we believe to deliver high-quality products without compromising the functionality.

Our ultimate goal is for people to make fashion statement!

Why Us?

Providing Excellent Customer Service & Fast Delivery (around 2 days)

Factoring in the suitability, comfort, extensive market research, fabric & material selection, and precise workmanship; we strive to deliver the premium products, not forgetting excellent customer service. 

DESIREBEL offers you with the opportunity for greater involvement in designing your very own piece of jewellery through our custom-order services. From the size, shape, colour and setting, every customized design is exclusive to its creator.


Not to forget, a well thought, beautiful and luxury touch on the packaging that makes the receiver feels exclusive and happy. 

About Mask fabric Quality

Following World Health Organization (WHO)’s recommended fabric mask materials and composition. From the extensive research, sourcing of the right filtration & breathable fabric and lastly excellent sewing workmanship for comfort.

about Jewellery materials

The intricate beaded mask’s jewellery are finely handcrafted from the designer’s envision. A painstaking process with careful planning and selection of the high-quality materials - consisting of semi-precious stones, glass, crystal and pearl.

Do you know crystal stones have benefits and meaning to it?

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