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The importance of material when a designing a fabric mask is to ensure the effectiveness of the filtration, breathability and of course, the comfort.

We compared various fabrics to find the most ideal fabric and here's our pick. 

Our main fabrics: Satin Silk and Cotton.

For Embellishment (outer layer) Fabrics: Sheer Sequin, Jacquard.

Satin Silk on the outer layer –  soft, shiny, durable and wrinkle-resistant.

A hydrophobic material that repel droplets and moistures.

Cotton on the inner layer – tightly woven fabric with high thread count.

A hydrophilic material that easily absorb droplet from exhaled breath.

After many trial and error, we finally discovered the best mask's size and fit for the best protection and comfort. We value workmanship and take pride in quality of sewing and delivering the best.

About Mask Jewellery
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