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This shimmery, dainty mask jewellery comes with a box for easy storage and can double as a necklace or bracelet when not being used as a mask accessories.

All our intricate jewellery are handmade with 2-layered beading wires for durability, silver tone anti-rust metal lobster claw clasp, crimp end beads and crimp covers to prevent snagging, scratching and a smooth finished look.

Accented with faceted polished crystal glass beads with brilliant (diamond) cut for added sparkle!


Crackle Quartz Crystal

Known as an excellent amulet to avoid evil energy. Crackle Quartz is pure Quartz crystal that has been super heated and then dyed to give it vibrant colours. Crackled quartz counteracts negative energy and regaining positive emotions. It will make your thoughts clearer and fill them with positivity. It enhance creative, emotional energy and strengthen mental power.


Healing Properties: White - Creativity


Howlite is a stone of awareness. Howlite will help you get rid of your stress and anxiety. It can help you process your emotions so that they can give you peace, happiness, and contentment in all aspects of your life. Howlite is a wonder stone that can effectively calm your upset or harried state of mind. It can soften or remove your anger, your aggressiveness, and your being unreasonable. You will be able to express what you want to say more freely and more effectively. Howlite can heighten your creativity and boost your desire for self-expression. It’s definitely a great stone to have if you’re seeking inspiration or motivation!


Healing Properties:

Soothing Inspiration


Artistic expression


(J15) White Howlite & Snow Crackle Quartz Mask Jewellery

SKU: J15
Color: White
  • Highlights:

    4mm, 6mm and 8mm Natural white Howlite Stone

    6mm and 8mm White Snow Crackle Quartz Crystal

    4mm, 6mm and 8mm White glass Pearl

    4mm Black Oval Faceted polished crystal

    4mm, 6mm and 8mm Clear AB Crystal Bicone Beads


    Howlite 100%
    Crackle Quartz 100%

    Glass 100%

    Faceted polished crystal 100%


    Product measurements:

    Length 24-25 inches

    Thickness 2.5mm - 8mm


    *Mask not included

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