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Using semi-precious gemstones, not only it look shimmery and gorgeous as an accesories, it also have healing properties for wealth, luck, family, relationships, career and more! Accented with faceted polished crystal glass beads with brilliant (diamond) cut for added sparkle! 


All our intricate bracelets are handmade using 0.12mm metal beading wire for durability and crimp end beads for a smooth finished look. Instead of commonly using elastics for Healing Crystal Bracelets, we are using Stainless Steel (does not tarnish and oxidize and lasting) OT Toggle Clasps to make it more modern, trendy and luxurious. 


Prehnite is known as "Stone of Prediction". It would make you easier to receive the message to change the future. Prehnite is good for people who want to prepare everything perfectly. It helps to strengthen your will, feel positive by sympathizing strongly with your soul. Helps you to be more confident and making your mind stronger. It can help you to influence people in a good way and make them happy.


Healing Properties: 
Alignment will with the heart
Enhance precognition
Influencing people


Olive Green Spectrolite

Spectrolite is a stone for improving your health. It is a stone for boosting cell regeneration. That’s how spectrolite fights fatigue and gives you stamina. The strengthening crystal is also one to boost your brain power. It is a relaxation stone that helps you cut all your worries away. The stress-free crystal of love and light imparts confidence to you. It will make you feel your strong voice from within, guiding the way. If you have low self-confidence, this is your chance to change it.


Healing Properties:
Improves health
Boost brain power


Crackle Quartz Crystal
Known as an excellent amulet to avoid evil energy. Crackled quartz counteracts negative energy and regaining positive emotions. It will make your thoughts clearer and fill them with positivity.


Healing Properties: 
Enhance creativity

Emotional Energy

Strengthen mental power

(B09) 6-10mm Natural Irregular Prehnite Healing Crystal Bracelet (Prediction)

SKU: B09
  • Highlights:
    6mm to 10mm Natural Irregular Prehnite Stone
    4mm Crackle Quartz Crystal Beads
    4mm Olive Green Spectrolite  Beads 
    4mm Clear AB Faceted Polished Crystal
    Silver Stainless Steel OT Toggle Clasps 14mm


    Prehnite 100%
    Spectrolite 100%
    Crackle Quartz 100%
    Faceted Polished Crystal 100%


    Product measurements:
    Thickness 6-10mm


    Bracelets Sizes:
    We have 3 different sizes (S,M,L) for both women and men. 
    There are option for customisable length for best fit too.
    *refer to photo for sizing and how to measure*

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